Commercial and Industrial

Huck Construction carries out a variety of Commercial and industrial projects ranging from new build factories to large scale industrial estate refurbishment. Clients include internationally established businesses plus ongoing works and maintenance contracts for several clients.

Pennine Components, Former Shepherds Mill Redevelopment, Todmorden

Value approx: £650k

Timescale: 6 months

We successfully secured the contract to provide a comprehensive design and construction solution for the development of new office spaces and a warehouse situated along the canal in Todmorden. Our proposal was selected through a competitive tender process, highlighting our expertise and capability in delivering high-quality projects tailored to the client's needs. This project involved creating modern office facilities and a functional warehouse that harmoniously blend with the picturesque canal-side location in Todmorden, showcasing our commitment to innovative design and sustainable construction practices.

Tangerine Holdings Site Development – Lytham

Timescale: Ongoing

The project involved the renovation of a pre-existing building complex. This encompassed a comprehensive overhaul which included updating the external appearance by applying new cladding to the warehouses, enhancing the aesthetics of the office building with a new façade, improving the infrastructure by constructing new car parks and roads, and upgrading the boundary walls for security and aesthetics.

Alan M Fawcett – Lancaster

Value approx: £250k

Timescale: 11 months

Construction of new purpose built funeral home, including chapel of rest, workshop, offices and garages. We worked on behalf of this client to assist with the planning, design and structural work prior to beginning work on site, located in AONB.

MGF - Single Storey Office Extension

Works comprised of demolitions and alterations, breaking up tarmac & excavation to reduced level installation of structural steelwork, roof cladding, wall cladding, UPVC windows, stud partition walls, internal doors external door, heating and electrical installations and decorative works, working on a busy live industrial site, whilst not affecting the clients operations.

New Build Units, Linstock Way Atherton

Value approx: £750k

Timescale: 50 weeks

New build Industrial Units, Design and build project- The preparation of the existing site to accommodate the new development of 3 light industrial units with one unit encompassing a mezzanine floor, including all mechanical and electrical works, external works including carpark and incoming services. 

Gatehouse, Hillhouse Business Estate, Thornton Cleveleys

Value approx: £175k

Timescale: 20 weeks

New Gatehouse, the project consisted of groundworks, structural timber frame, building, all mechanical and electrical services and finishes.

Warehouse Refurbishment and Upgrade, Lytham

Value approx: £150k

Timescale: 18 months

Work consisted of re-cladding the entire building including roof and upgrading the unit internally including new doors, additional insulation and internal structural alterations.

EC Chemical, Whitehills Business Estate, Blackpool

Timescale: 9 months

The project involved the construction of a significant steel-framed factory unit within a newly developed business park located in Blackpool. The scope of work encompassed not only the main factory area but also the creation of a spacious storage section. Additionally, the project involved the construction of various ancillary spaces such as an office block for administrative functions and staff areas to accommodate the workforce. The development aimed to provide a comprehensive infrastructure to support the operations of the business within the industrial park setting.

Halewood Brewery Warehouse, Cumbria

Value approx: £375k

Timescale: 5 months

The project involved overseeing the entire process of constructing a new warehouse for a prominent beverages manufacturer. Our involvement began at the initial design phase, where we provided guidance and expertise throughout the construction and finalization stages. The warehouse itself spanned an area of 760 square meters and was constructed using a steel frame, ensuring structural integrity and durability. In addition to the main building, the project also entailed implementing specialized groundwork. This included installing essential features such as a radon barrier to prevent the ingress of harmful gases and water attenuation tanks to manage water drainage effectively.

Accurite Industries Development, Ulverston

Timescale: Ongoing

The new build of an office block, factory unit and large warehouse with outdoor yard areas. The site was previously listed as a ‘green belt’ area, therefore Huck Construction had several restrictions and constraints within which to work. Huck Construction built a good working relationship with the client, who was extremely satisfied with our standard of work and impressed with the overall attitude of our workforce. We have continued to enjoy a positive working relationship with the client in respect of many other projects.

Perkins Frozen Food Redevelopment after Fire Damage, Cumbria

Value approx: £2m

Timescale: 14 months

The existing building had suffered substantial fire damage, causing extensive destruction to the structure and interior. Huck Construction, a reputable construction company with expertise in restoration projects, undertook a comprehensive rebuild and repair initiative. The project involved not only restoring the large industrial unit to its previous state but also implementing modern fire safety measures and structural reinforcements to prevent future incidents. The rebuild and repair process included replacing damaged walls, floors, and roofing, upgrading electrical and plumbing systems, and enhancing the overall safety and functionality of the building. Huck Construction's meticulous attention to detail and skilled craftsmanship ensured that the restored industrial unit met all regulatory standards and provided a safe and efficient working environment for its occupants.

John Deere Dealership, Kendal, Cumbria

Value approx: £500k

Timescale: 3 months

The project encompassed the construction of a new John Deere dealership in Kendal, with a budget exceeding £500,000. The construction not only included the building itself but also entailed a sophisticated internal design and setup. The intricate nature of the project demanded the incorporation of advanced mechanical and engineering systems, further enhancing the functionality and efficiency of the dealership. By maintaining a collaborative approach with the client throughout the project, we managed to deliver the completed facility within a challenging timeline, showcasing our commitment to quality and precision. The successful execution of this venture not only solidified our relationship with the client but also paved the way for additional contracts, underscoring our capability to meet and exceed client expectations consistently.

Industrial Units, Feblands – Blackpool

Timescale: 5 months

New build of a warehouse for a high end and renowned north-west basedfurniture retailer and manufacturer. The work was completed by us to our usual high standard and within a tight time frame. We have gone on to form a positive relationship with the client and complete many other projects on their behalf.

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